Shoma and the Stars book

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"Shoma will dance wherever she wishes..."

In this delightful story, join Shoma, a lively young girl whose passion for dance brings joy and unity to her community.

Illustrated by Katlego Keokgale, Maya Wegerif's tale is a vibrant celebration of adventure, community, and friendship.

🌟 Enchanting and Whimsical: Follow Shoma as she dances with the fishes while fetching water and with the dishes after meals, infusing everyday life with magic.

🌊 A Heroine's Journey: When her community faces challenges, it's Shoma's spirit that guides them, showcasing the power of individual joy in strengthening communal bonds.

📚 A Story for All Ages: Perfect for children aged 4 to 8, this book teaches resilience and unity through its engaging narrative and captivating illustrations.

Embark on "Shoma's Dance" and experience a story where joy and friendship triumph in the most delightful ways.