Reusable ‘Sesi Madjozi’ Shopper - 100% recycled

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This shopper bag is lovingly made in South Africa from recycled plastic bottles. Choose to forego nasty, single-use plastic and use this reusable and sustainable shopper bag next time you shop - printed with our ‘Sesi Madjozi’ arework, developed by fine artist, Olivié KeckThis bag can carry a capacity of 30 litres of produce (or whatever else you wish). See more details about these bags below:

Our Reusable Whale Shopper bags are made using 100% RPET woven fabric. 

  • These bags recycle backwards <—and—> forwards as they are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste (plastic bottles) - no virgin fibre is used!
  • These bags are 100% made in South Africa – The entire process from bottle to bag is local. 
  • These bags employ over 70 000 informal waste collectors alone as well as 165 formal jobs within the production team.
  • These bags are printed using water based dyes (using zero water in the process) and are certified Azo-dye and heavy metal free (EU certified).